Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kartchner Caverns Photo Tour August 2013

Kartchner Caverns Photo Tour August 2013

We made another trek to the Benson, AZ area for a Kartchner Cavern photo tour.  This one covered the Rotunda and Throne Rooms.  I have said I would pay extra for being able to take photos and now have backed that up twice. 

Kartchner Caverns State Park 

“Experience a stunning limestone cave in Southeastern Arizona that boasts world-class features. This “live” cave, discovered in 1974, is host to a wide variety of unique minerals and formations. Water percolates from the surface and calcite formations continue to grow, including stalactites dripping down like icicles and giant stalagmites reaching up from the ground.”  They do a great job of preserving the formations!  It is handicap accessible as well. 

Friends of Kartchner Caverns State Park 
 “Our mission is to partner with the community and provide resources to advocate for and ensure the continued preservation of Kartchner Caverns through education and public awareness.”

“The vision of FKCSP is to be the model to follow in the active support of cave research, preservation, appreciation, and education in the preservation of a living cave.”

More information on caves and caverns can be found at the links below. 
 National Caves Association

National Speleological Society

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 We made it out of the cavern just in time to wander around during "Bug Night." 
We even had a slice of pie at the Bat Cave Cafe!  
There were bug enthusiasts of all ages checking out the insects!   
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