Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Law Enforcement Dedication and Appreciation 2018

Law Enforcement Dedication and Appreciation 2018
November found us traveling to Florida. Along the way we stopped at several places dedicated to law enforcement and those heroes killed in the line of duty. Searching out and visiting these places of hallowed ground is part of our continued quest to honor and respect those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I also honor those who choose to do this line of work that is so often thankless.
 Many of the regular viewers of my blog know where the love and respect for law enforcement starts for me. Feel free to follow this link to remember or to learn more about my story. My history is not who I am. My history is a part of me and who I have become. 
 American Police Hall of Fame & Museum
The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum has been honoring law enforcement officers and their contributions since 1960. In 2003, upon the opening of our new location, a 2000 square ft. Memorial was created to honor and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.
 “Dedicated to the law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice, the Memorial serves as a place of remembrance for many families and friends.”
 The memorial was another one of those hallowed ground experiences that we find ourselves on during many of our adventures. May they continue for years to come.
 Thank you to all law enforcement and first responders!
 Polk County Sheriff’s Office – Winter Haven, FL
 I have included some ideas on how to show support for law enforcement throughout the blog. 
Tell them thank you, when you see them.
 Lakeland Police Department, FL
Move over when they are on the side of the road with another car or person.  
Buy them lunch, coffee, donut, etc. This can be at a food shop or deliver food to the local station. 
 Polk County Law Enforcement Memorial, Lakeland, FL
 Write a letter of appreciation or support to the local or state law enforcement agency.
Tampa Police Law Enforcement Memorial, FL 
 Post positive comments and interactions on social media.
 Wear blue.
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office – Tampa, FL 
 Admit when you have done something wrong and you are pulled over.
 Manatee County Law Enforcement Memorial – Bradenton, FL
 A simple smile and wave to acknowledge them when you see them is great. 

 Make a donation in honor of law enforcement to an organization that supports law enforcement and their families.

Sarasota Police Department, FL 

 Fraternal Order of Police R.E. Lister Memorial Lodge 66 - Port Charlotte, FL

 Fort Myers Police Department, FL

 Naples Police Department, FL 
 Collier County Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Memorial, FL

 Law Enforcement Officers Memorial – Tropical Park, Miami, FL

 Coral Springs Police Department, FL

 Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Memorial, FL

 Thanks for reading and viewing to the end. I do appreciate your time in honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice as well as those walking their beat daily. Feel free to comment and share.
 St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, FL
Very impressed with staff here that we dealt with during our visit!

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