Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pennsylvania Road Trip October 2015

Pennsylvania Road Trip October 2015
 So we had some free time and decided to make a road trip to Pennsylvania.  We had a blast in the new Jeep and I can see that all kinds of adventures await us in the future.  

 Hawk Mountain Preserve

“Hawk Mountain is...
    A scientific research center
    An international conservation training site
    A learning facility for all ages
    An eco-tourism destination
    A wildlife sanctuary open to the public year-round
    The world's largest member-supported raptor conservation organization
    One of the best places in northeastern North America to view the annual autumn hawk migration”
I get the feeling that we will visit this place more than once.  The counts were not high when we were there, but the area is incredible.
We saw several vultures, a Sharp Shinned Hawk, a vole, and some ground squirrels while there. 

 “Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a 2,600-acre natural area in southeastern Pennsylvania that is famous as the world's first refuge for birds of prey. Today, visitors flock to Hawk Mountain each autumn to watch the annual hawk migration. Between August 15 and December 15 an average 18,000 raptors fly past its ridgetops, often at eye-level. Scenic overlooks range from 1,300 to 1,500 feet in elevation offering spectacular views. Free programs feature live birds of prey and are held most Saturdays and Sundays, May through November. By mid-August the first bald eagle signals the beginning of the fall raptor migration, followed by ospreys, and American kestrels. Thousands of broad-winged hawks pass in mid September, and October brings as many as 16 species of raptors. A total of 235 species of birds have been sighted at or near this bird-watching mecca. Visitor Center with Mountain Bookstore, Wings of Wonder gallery, and gift shop is open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily.”


“Visit ZooAmerica, a year-round, 11-acre, walk-thru zoo adjacent to Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. Stroll the tree-lined pathways as you learn about more than 200 animals from five regions of North America.”
All of the animals there are native to North America.  A very cool place to visit!

 Crystal Grottoes Caverns

“The Crystal Grottoes Caverns were founded in 1920 when the State Roads Commission was quarrying for limestone to build up and pave State Route 34. After successfully quarrying back a cliff that was 35 to 55 feet high and 150 feet deep, an unusual event occurred. The next time they started to drill, they lost their drill bits in the cave. Later, when dynamite was detonated in the drill holes, the first entrance was produced.”
I decided to include some images from our July 2015 trip to this Maryland cavern.  It was really our first time exploring the area around us.  We are looking forward to the many adventures.

 Thanks for following faithfully to the end.  Please feel free to comment and share.  A whole new world awaits us here in the Eastern U.S.