Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Shots

Some Summer Shots...

I love going to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum! There is always something new for me to see or take photos of.

There is a multitude of plant life. Locating where the animals are hiding is half the fun. Especially when you are looking for scorpions at one of the Summer night events. You just never know what may turn up. If you are really lucky you might even see a bat or two.

You can get a good deal of exercise exploring all that there is to see. I tend to explore the reptile exhibits, but that should not surprise those that know me.

I also look for those things that might otherwise go unnoticed. There is a myriad of shape, pattern, texture and form. All part of my on-going photo study that keeps me sane (kind of) in the world I work in.

I always find something to shoot. That is why we keep going back.
And why I buy and annual membership.

Just sharing my thoughts and photos from a recent trip. Hope you enjoy!