Monday, April 8, 2013

Exploring Tucson 2013

Exploring Tucson Arizona 

 There are a lot of things to see and do around Tucson.  A couple of places we have enjoyed recently are the Reid Park Zoo and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.  Both are family friendly locations that are easy to find.  Check out the images and feel free to comment.  Check out the links for more information on each location.


 Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Garden eels in the Warden Aquarium.
 “The mission of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is to inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, appreciation, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert.”  This is one of the “must-see” spots in Tucson.  We are members and visit as often as possible. 

 Reid Park Zoo

 “Travel from South America to the Asian rainforest, and then to the African savannah in one day! Explore beautiful habitats housing hundreds of exotic animals from around the world. Reid Park Zoo is a hidden gem, nestled in the center of Tucson, and is the perfect place to enjoy time outside while discovering the wonders of wildlife.”  It really is a great place to spend a day exploring. 

For more information about things to see and do around Tucson check out:

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