Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stuff I Like, besides lichen

I decided it was time to throw some new images out here. At least I do not belive there will be any duplicates form images posted before. I am just throwing these out there because I like them. Not necessarily going to win any contests with these. Just sharing some of my fun stuff. Hope you enjoy.

You just never know what I will take a picture of. A mineral display, a chuckwalla, or close-ups of just about anything. Some of the images are shot at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum. Others out and about on our adventures. All are things that caught my eye and made me want to capture the moment in time.

Some photos come pretty easy to me. The composition comes into view and I know how I want to shoot it. Others are a little different. I take several images from differetn perspectives. I end up deleting a lot of these, though sometimes I like the different perspectives and keep multiples.

I figure I can take pictures of just about anyting that is out in nature and be pleased with the results. Honestly I think that if photography paid the bills, I would take pictures every day and be much richer for it. Not to mention safer than working in a prison. I have gone the route of taking pictures of only people to make a living and it went ok. But it was not enjoyable. I was using the nature time to defragment from the stress of the JOB. Kind of like what I am doign now. Some things have not changed, yet. I will keep working on that though. And enjoying my time shooting the stuff I like. Hope you like some of them too.