Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern, Shape, Texture, Form, and More

Pattern, Shape, Texture, Form, and More

I recently took a trip to the San Jose, California area.  While there I was presented the opportunity to take some pictures.  These images will be a bit different for those out there that are used to seeing only my nature and landscape photos.  Most of these shots are more architecture-type images. 

Photography means to write with light.  There are several techniques that combine to make what I would call a good image.  These include composition, exposure, and more.  The best images include several elements combined to make a great image.  Besides the possibilities mentioned I would include ideas such as texture, shape, pattern, line, and form as important in combination to capturing great images. 

San Jose City Hall
“City Hall is located at 200 East Santa Clara Street between Fourth and Sixth Streets in downtown San José. The building layout includes an 18-story tower on the east side of the site; a three-story wing on the west side of the site; a centrally-located domed rotunda that reaches a height equivalent of 10 stories; a large plaza opening onto Santa Clara Street framed by a curved wall; and one level of 300 underground parking spaces.”  The building was designed by Richard Meier, and opened to the public on 15 October 2005. 

 I have several photographers and other artists that I look to for inspiration or whose work has had an impact on my photography.  They would include folks like Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Galen Rowell, Edward Weston and many more.  Studying their works has made me a better image maker.

 San Pedro Square Market

“San Pedro Square Market (SPSM) is a public market located in the heart of Downtown San Jose. The lively Market includes approximately 20 plus unique vendors selling everything from farm fresh vegetables to great sandwiches and beautiful imported kitchenware.”  It is a great place to hang out!

 Check out the links for more information and feel free to post a comment at the end.  Hope you enjoy viewing the images.

 Works by Ansel Adams

 Works by Eliot Porter

Works by Galen Rowell
 Works by Edward Weston

 Elements of Art

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