Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scenic Colorado 2010

He is not happy!

We never know what we will see our on our fall trip. We had planned for an Oregon run, but that did not happen. Waited to see if I would be going to training that week, and the cost of flights got too high. Obviously I did not go to training. We had a great time exploring Colorful Colorado instead. Fall is a great time to visit this scenic state.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of our favorite. Especially during the Elk Rut! The bulls were getting their harems together and chasing off the smaller competition. The marmot and pika were gathering winter bedding and food. Bighorn sheep and deer were out as well. Pretty good game finds even if the moose were hiding while we were out.

Fall colors were evident on our adventure as well. Both Rocky Mountain and South Park Aspen trees were showing great color. You just never know what might be found…

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scenic Southern AZ Byways

Scenic Byways of Southern Arizona

Imagine us taking a roadtrip... We decided to retrace a previous trip. We last visited the grasslands and ghost towns between the Sonoita/Elgin, AZ area and the Arizona/Mexico Border. We had last visited in January of 2009, but decided to make another trip after all the rain we have had in the Monsoons of 2010.

I have included some images from the earlier trip. The easiest way to tell the difference is by all the green after the rain. It was a spectacular trip! The roads were easy enough for a passenger car and we enjoyed the journey. Hope you enjoy the photos...